Developers can now reach new mobile enterprise customers by joining the SECTOR Network.

The SECTOR Network is a secure app ecosystem endorsed by leading service providers worldwide. The ecosystem consists of popular 3rd-party business apps that have been adapted to add security features, functionality, and IT management capabilities. SECTOR Network apps can be easily downloaded by enterprise customers from the most popular public app stores.

How does it work?

1) Sign up

Sign up for the SECTOR Network program and upload your mobile app to the SECTOR Network web portal.

2) Secure

All apps are secured using OpenPeak’s unique ADAPT technology.

3) Distribute

Distribute your secured SECTOR app to a vast network of enterprises via the most popular app marketplaces including the App Store and GooglePlay.

Why participate?

Free - There's no cost to participate in the SECTOR Network program.

Easy - No SDK. No rewriting. Just submit your app we will ADAPT it.

Access - Any SECTOR app can work in any SECTOR workspace, so you can reach a vast new market of the world's top enterprises.

Curation - Enterprises look to SECTOR for a collection of best-in-class applications.

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