Mobile Device Management

Traditional mobile device management (MDM) is included as a standard feature the OpenPeak platform. MDM allows enterprises and service providers to track, provision, and fully manage company-liable mobile devices while providing comprehensive policy and security controls.

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Device Management

MDM keeps track of devices and manages users associated with company-liable devices. Device settings can be provisioned remotely, certificates pushed, VPN settings defined, and SSIDs configured for Wi-Fi networks. Once a device is enabled with MDM the OpenPeak administrative portal tracks cellular data, and logs roaming activity and call statistics.

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Policy-based Management

Policy-based management provides rules-based, event-driven control of device operations. A policy may force the use of a VPN if a user is not on a particular Wi-Fi network or allow usage only during pre-set times. Geolocation policies can lock a device outside a given geographic region. Security policies can wipe or lock the device if a jailbreak is detected or after a set number of invalid login attempts.

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User Management

The OpenPeak management portal facilitates managing large numbers of users and their devices. Users can be grouped together based on specific attributes and assigned to configuration bundles, which define device settings, policies, and apps. Any changes to these bundles will be automatically propagated to all users who are associated with that bundle. If lost or taken out of service, administrators can remotely wipe all device data or remotely reset passwords.